Love can come in many forms - the love you have for your family, your close friends, your pet, even the love you have for a slice of pizza with everything on it (or just green peppers & pineapple, if you're Dana). At the end of the day, the love you feel for that person who will share your love of all your favorite people and things is unlike any other.

Dana and I feel so fortunate that we found that unique love with one another. We truly enjoy spending time together, at home, while traveling, and of course while photographing.

To be able to document this kind of love for our couples is such an honor, and a joy.  

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Bacon it is something we disagree on. Frank loves it, I hate it! They put it in everything right?  

we are best friends

Wedding photography is not about US, it’s about YOU. Our job is not to just capture images but to tell the story of your wedding. There is so much time, effort, and planning that goes into just one day. In the blink of an eye, all the hard work you put into every beautiful detail will be just a memory. While you are getting ready, saying your vows, greeting your guests, cutting your cake, and dancing the night away --we are creeping around, lurking in the shadows, capturing it all :). What will remain is an illustrated portrayal of the love you have for your friends, family, and one another. We understand the importance of this one single day, we live it with you, and make certain you can relive it through our work for generations to come!

About You

We offer four collections that include different products and services. If you are looking for additional time or specific products, we can tailor a collection to suit your needs. 

The following products and services are included in all of our collections: 

Two Photographers - you are really going to like this! Frank and I always cover weddings together. We love what we do and work really well together, if I do say so myself. :)

Online Gallery -  it's not just a boring share site, it really is pretty cool! You can download the app for ios and android which means you can carry your whole wedding gallery in your pocket. Show off all your great images to everybody!  ;)

Rights to Reproduce - this is something you are looking for. All of the images we provide you (500-700 finished photos) are yours to save from the Online Gallery and you are allowed to print them yourself. No need to order your small prints from us.

Our Wedding Collections begin at $2580

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our studio is located at 105 front street, suite 204, berea, ohio 44017
We can't wait to show you around!

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